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The Pages of Now & Forever (More or Less)

Open Canvas is Absolutely Delicious

10/6/06 06:40 pm - Open Canvas is Absolutely Delicious

Photoshop can kiss my unshaven butt...

     Sure Deviantart.com is full of self-loathing high 10th graders who take pictures of themselves cutting each other, add a photoshop filter, and make millions of dollars off of sold prints but I can say that if you are in the right mind frame one can learn a few things.  For example, today I learned about a neat program called Open Canvas and it demands a sacrifice right now!  Raaarg!

     I don’t want to sound like and advertisement but after only four straight hours of coloring I’ve decided our first born will be named Open Canvas Plott.  Previously it was Gul Dukat Plott and before that it was Wolverine Plott but this time I’m pretty certain it’s going to stick.  It has screentones, too!  I'm excited!

     I have some other news I'll babble on about later but now I need food.  So...go away.

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