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The Pages of Now & Forever (More or Less)

Well that was unexpected...

9/26/06 06:37 pm - Well that was unexpected...

Hey Mr Miller!  Blah blah blah...

     It's some sort of bizarre coincidence that the very next day after setting up a little print shop on Deviant Art one of my old pieces gets selected as a Daily Deviation.  Crazy.  Now I've got like two hundred thank yous to send and friends to add.  Oh, it's so difficult being so popular *fans self with hundred dollar bill*

     Anyhow, I'll be adding more prints to the shop as time goes by.  Deviant Art's service is actually pretty nice but a bit slow (okay, really slow) and reformatting the images is just a hoot so yeah, it's going to take some time.  And if you don't buy my stuff I'm going to start cutting myself and posting artisic pictures of it on my journal.  Or maybe I'll make prints of that!  Those seem to sell well (I wish I was kidding).
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