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The Pages of Now & Forever (More or Less)

Only one pun, I promise.

4/28/06 08:30 am - Only one pun, I promise.

     So by now I’m sure you’ve heard that Nintendo has officially named its next system the Wii (pronounced “we”).  Forums and news sites are rife with horribly punned headlines such as “Nintendo takes a Wii,” “Let’s all play with our Wii,” or “Wii Wii Wii all the way home.”


     It’s times like this that make me feel justified in my current ambivalence toward the industry.  The near insane amount of backlash Nintendo is receiving from fanatics and *cough* journalists alike is pretty ridiculous.  I mean, I made fun of Microsoft’s brilliantly stupid “Xbox 360” moniker but that was mainly because of the logic behind its philosophy (or lack thereof).  The name still isn’t going to prevent me from buying the system (the complete lack of anything interesting on it will).


     Now if Nintendo released a penis-shaped system and called it the Hitler Hugger then I might have an issue purchasing it.  The Wii, though?  Come on.  We’ve survived the Turbografx-16, the Super Nintendo, the Genesis, the Playstation, and the Dreamcast.  Hell, even our games sound ridiculous: Final Fantasy XII?  World of Warcraft?  Super Mario Brothers?


     We as gamers have been playing stupid games on stupid systems sense the industry’s birth.  A little Wii won’t change that.

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