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The Pages of Now & Forever (More or Less)

"I'm looking for Sailors. Have you seen any sailors?"

8/25/05 08:23 am - "I'm looking for Sailors. Have you seen any sailors?"

            I pray that this isn’t some sort of hoax or poorly reported wishful thinking.  I question the article, reporting that Shenmue will receive it’s final chapter on a next generation system, because of a few reasons.  For starters I’ve never heard of the site the news comes from and all of their sources are “unnamed people close to Sega” which isn’t exactly reassuring as this could refer to the guy who walks by the Sega office every morning on his way to work at the Boring Institute of Inane Research of Crap No One Cares About.


            Secondly, it’s Shenmue.  I love Shenmue, almost disturbingly so.  It’s one of those games that you can lose yourself in.  The facts that it didn’t end, that it wasn’t well received, and that Yu Suzuki seemed to have burnt himself out producing this massive project pretty much meant we’d never ever see the game’s story completed.  Not to mention the ill-fated Shenmue On-line which was canceled not too long ago (thankfully).


            According to the article Shenmue 3 is practically completed and just requires porting.  Shenmue 3 will also contain the previous two games which would be incredible but seems like an awfully fanboyish dream to me.


            If it is true, though, it will actually give me my first reason to be slightly interested in the next generation systems.
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