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The Pages of Now & Forever (More or Less)


5/19/05 01:43 pm - ACME

     I swear with all the crap coming out of E3 if Capcom doesn’t release this stateside I’ll be one cranky old fart.  Well, crankier than I already am, that is.  I’d buy it simply based on the box art alone.  I’d probably have to import the beauty that is this Saturn control pad for the PS2.  If anything it’s further proof that the Saturn pad was the greatest game pad ever…at least when it came to 2D fighters.

     Still, you gotta love Sega.  Here’s the right way to use the pad and here’s the wrong way.  Personally, I think the wrong way is awesome.


     Actually, I’m tempted to just get that controller and one of those devices that allow you to hook up multiple console controllers to your PC.  Then I could actually play some of those…umm…emulated games.  That I own.  Hey, I own Vampire Savior and Night Warriors for the Saturn so none of your lip!  It was called Night Warriors, wasn’t it?  I guess it makes more sense than just Vampire 2.

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